Capital Growth Properties, Inc.Capital Growth Properties, Inc. is a diversified real estate investment company.
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Our management team has experience with retail development and management, multi-family development, retail and office centers in major cities throughout the United States including, New York and Chicago.

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Capital Growth Properties is a private Real Estate Investment Company working diligently to provide attractive and stable returns for investors through a diverse portfolio of income producing real estate assets.

Since 2008, the economy, financial markets and real estate all experienced what appears to be unprecedented turmoil. As with all such times, opportunities exist. Capital Growth has adjusted and is continuing to adjust and reformat its business model to better suit the new world of real estate. 

The Capital Growth Properties portfolio is designed to include retail, medical use real estate, muli-family, office, and industrial/light industrial properties. Our master plan is to create value for our shareholders through a combination of opportunistic acquisition of existing assets, new property ground-up development and bottom line oriented management of assets. A variety of property types, geographic locations, and investment size work together to achieve multiplicity and maximize the return for our investors.

Principals of Capital Growth Properties have been involved in the development, construction, leasing, management, and ownership of commercial real estate throughout the United States.

Capital Growth Properties, Inc. seeks to provide its investors with an above average return on their invested capital.

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